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Sun & Moon Logistics


  • Introduction on Warehousing
    • Address: Incheon Metropolitan City Unseo-dong 2091-95 Incheon Free Trade Area B1 Block A206-2 (1053.71 M2)
    • 24hour CCTV Recording within Warehouse
    • Installation of locking device and fence exclusively for the valuable goods and high-priced freight
    • 1 fork lift(2.5t) for warehousing and delivery from the warehouse
    • 1truck(2.5t) for warehousing and delivery from the warehouse
    • 1electronic scale(3r) for warehousing and delivery from the warehouse
  • Service for Warehouse
    • Competitive warehousing fee and management for various T/S and frturned freight, free shipping service between warehouses up to duty-free area of airline
    • Provision of separate area with locking device for storage of high-priced freight
    • 24 hour warehouse surveillance system
    • Application of optimizing warehousing rate for period and invoice value
    • Free loading and unloading service with 2.5 fork life in waiting
    • Provision of pick-up and delivery service within airport using 2.5t truck
    • Various labeling, bar-code work in proxy(maintenance work in proxy)
    • Provision of optimizing packing service for each item
    • 24 hour 365 day imported freight allocation and D/O service provision
  • Service for Warehouse
    • Ground shipping, Customs Clearance Service in Proxy
    • Freight storage after custom clearance and low-priced warehousing fee
    • Freight pick-up, packing, bar code, and label work
  • Comparison of storage fee for 4, 8 days

[Comparison in storage fee based on Appraisal Price 10 million won, Custom Tax 0.4 million won Weight 100Kg]