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Ocean Transportation Service
  • Through over 20 years of continuous relation with shipping line and consolidator, we provide best rate and the best schedule. In order to meet the transit time desired by the client, we prevent the problem in advance with the continuous schedule management until the arrival
Bulk & Special Cargo
  • Oversize freight, overweight freight, dangerous goods that cannot be loaded to general container can be processed with accumulated know-how.
One Way Service
  • We will provide the freight forwarding service(packagin, ground shipping, customs clearance) at reasonable price and perfect service from the perspective of the client.
Ocean Export Procedure
  • Reception(General Export Freight)
  1. After the completion of the contact and shipping request from the customer is received, sea export representative checks cargo detail with shipper.
  2. Sea Export Representative informs shipping schedule to the shipper.
  • Reservation
  1. Sea export representative books with shipping lines or consolidator according to the freight information
  • Undertaking of Freight
  1. Shipper name, Commodify, Destination, Condition of Packing
  2. Consistency of shipping mark on freight and documents
  • Documentation
  1. Sea export representative enters H.B/L based on commercial invoice and packing list
  2. Sea esport representative submits S/R-Shipping Request based on H.B/L to the shipping line or consolidator.
  3. Cross checking with shipper whether B/L and cargo detail are accurate or not.
  4. Issue HB/L and invoice after shipping date.
  5. M.B/L received from the shipping line after checking the derail on MBL.
  6. Sent pre-alert to Partner.